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Only system admins and other admins with relevant permissions can contact Workplace Support. They can do this for their own issues or on behalf of Workplace users without admin permissions. Users without admin permissions can still report a bug.
Before contacting Workplace Support, it’s worth checking whether the problem you’re having is a known issue that we’re already fixing.
If it’s not a known issue and the Workplace Help Center hasn’t helped you fix the problem and you don’t think your problem is a bug, then the next step is contacting Workplace Support.
You need to be logged in to Workplace to contact Workplace Support. If you’re locked out of your account, then fill in and send the account lockout form.
Contact Workplace Support
  1. Click Admin Panel Admin Panel in the left menu on Workplace.
  2. Click Contact support Contact Support at the bottom of the Admin Panel menu.
  3. Then, there are 2 options:
    • To raise a ticket, click Ask a question, choose the topic of your question, fill in the form, then click Confirm. We currently provide ticket support in English, French, Japanese and Spanish.
    • To use our chatbot (available in English), click Chat with us. The chatbot will then ask you questions to understand your problem, and you may then be transferred to a live chat agent.
You may also be able to request phone support.
View status of support tickets
In the Contact support section of the Admin Panel, you can:
  • View past support requests in your organization.
  • Filter past support requests, including by their current status.
  • Check if there’s an outage that’s affecting Workplace functionality.
  • Export support tickets to a CSV format.
More help
All Workplace users can find additional support by:
  • Visiting Developer Support to learn about technical integrations between your organization and Workplace.
  • Visiting the Customer Resource Center for Workplace best practices and resources.
  • Using the Workplace Academy for tutorials. It has free, virtual live classes, self-paced interactive classes, demos of tips and best practices, and short videos on features and strategies.
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